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Smart Learners Nation is an online learning platform for students, parents and educators to interact, learn and innovate meaningfully and actively.
Harness the interactive features and participate in the educational activities to broaden your knowledge and enhance your skills. Primarily, our main focus is to inspire you to pursue education purposefully to become an inquisitive learner, prolific writer and critical thinker.

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Become a Smart Learner now to enjoy exclusive benefits that will enrich your learning experience. Our online learning platform features an extensive question bank with more than 20,000 questions relating to Primary English, Math and Science. These exam-oriented questions are based on the syllabus requirements set by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) that can prepare you for the tests adequately. Furthermore, the online capabilities allow you to learn at your own pace conveniently.


Practice makes perfect. As a Smart Learner, you have access to more than 20,000 questions that are modified from past examination papers. Attempt numerous quizzes as many times as you like to be competent and proficient.


Our online learning questions are based on the syllabus requirements set by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board. Try our Primary English, Math and Science MCQs to find out if you are ready to ace the PSLE.


Try the Online Practice Questions to find out if you are ready to ace the PSLE English, Math and Science examinations. Review your results with our performance analysis feature and re-attempt the quizzes multiple times.

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Engage with our Smart Learners Nation and experience learning on a whole new level. As part of this learning community, you will immerse in academia discussions, study management and even innovative teaching techniques, therefore transforming your learning capabilities and capturing quality education.

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Free Membership

Our Smart Learners Nation is free for all, with the only requisite of an inquisitive mind. Regardless of your role in the education system, be it student, parent or tutor, you will find our knowledge-focused platform useful in meeting your educational needs.

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Integrated System

With just one account, you enjoy seamless accessibility in ALL our educational platforms and resources. We believe in making learning convenient for all and hence integrated our intricate platforms for you to enhance your education and encourage fast yet effective learning.

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Cultivate Smart Learning

Become one of us, a Smart Learner, and cultivate the spirit of lifelong learning. All Smart Learners embrace technology in their education which transforms learning methodologies with finer skills and knowledge. This serves to prepare Smart Learners for the complex challenges of the future.

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Our Educational Platforms

Each and every Smart Learner will partake in our diverse educational platforms and achieve the desired outcome in learning. Each of our platform serves a specific purpose to realise your specific learning goals. Ultimately, you will find fulfilment in your learning, hence igniting the passion of knowledge pursuit.


As a social network platform, WhyLearn connects students, parents and tutors of different backgrounds through communal discussions, workshops and even writing competitions. Educational discussions are held amongst members where key issues are surfaced and debated on. Additionally, our workshops inculcate curiosity and tech-savviness in your learning which can be complemented with our in-house writing competitions and make learning more applicable.

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E Benefits

As educators, we understand the dull of learning at times and so we introduce our E-Benefits system to spur your learning growth. By completing the learning objectives set for you, you stand to earn points which can be used to redeem rewards. We offer a diverse range of rewards from giveaways, e-vouchers to free workshops. Greater participation naturally begets more points and we hope that this particular system will inject meaning into your learning.

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